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All of our services are free of charge.

Clients do not need to be in shelter to receive services.

We have outreach offices in both Michigan and Wisconsin.

All support services are available for men, women, and children.


Domestic violence is a pattern of emotional and/or physical behaviors by one partner to restrict the choices and freedoms of another. Our domestic violence program is comprised of services that will educate, empower, and encourage survivors to live their lives free from violence by providing non-judgmental, free and confidential support serivces.

Aspects of our DV program include, but are not limited to:

Crisis intervention and safety shelter

Lethality assessment

Relevant transportation

(legal, medical, or other survivor services)

Advocacy and counseling

Crisis Response Team approach and case management



Sexual assault refers to sexual behavior that occurs without explicit consent of a person. Our sexual assault program offers support for safety, justice, and autonomy for survivors by helping them navigate the judicial system, the maze of community services available, working together with other agencies for the best outcome for the victim, and offering free support services and therapy so victims' rights are promoted.

Aspects of our SA program include, but are not limited to:

Direct response to scene and emergency clothing

Medical advocacy, including support through SANE Evaluation

Forensic interview, law enforcement, and court accompaniment

Counseling and therapy

Sexual Assault Response Team approach and case management



Children are known as the forgotten victims. Though they may not have been the primary victim of domestic violence, children who witness abuse can display the same emotional responses as children who have been physically and emotionally abused. Individual counseling, teen group, domestic violence group, sexual assault group, and advocacy are available to children and teenagers. 

Aspects of our children / teen program include, but are not limited to: 

Safety planning

Child care during caregiver support services

Child Advocacy Center

Multidisciplinary Team approach and case management

Support groups


The confidentiality of client records is protected by federal law and regulations. Staff will maintain confidentiality when keeping records, reports, written documents and statistical data, and disposal of confidential records. 

As a client of ours, you are entitled to protection of your rights as prescribed by laws, as well as by the ethical standards of the mental health profession.



Safety shelter to those eligible


24/7 Crisis line


Duplex project

If you have pets and are in need of safety shelter: Unfortunately, we are unable to take pets in at this time. We will do our best to assist you in getting connected with the Humane Society or someone else who may be able to help



Medical advocacy: forensic medical examination accompaniment


Legal advocacy: court education, assistance in filing PPO/TRO, communication with prosecutor, court accompaniment, expert testimony


Assistance in obtaining financial, housing, medical, and other resources within the community


Child Advocacy Center



Individual therapy


Domestic violence support groups


Sexual assault support groups


Teen support groups



Systems change: Positive change in the legal, medical, child protective, and other social systems supporting survivors


Community outreach: educational workshops and awareness activities - get in touch to schedule an event with us


New Directions Program: available to women arrested for retaliation of abuse

For more educational resources,  please click here to Learn More

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In addition to safe shelter for families afraid to live in their homes, Caring House provides the following services for survivors in both Michigan and Wisconsin. All services are accessible directly in the survivor’s community:​

  • Safety shelter to those eligible

  • 24/7 Crisis Line coverage at 906.774.1112

  • Direct crisis intervention 

  • Direct response to scene of an assault

  • Lethality assessments

  • Safety Planning

  • Individual counseling for adults, children, and teens

  • Support groups and group counseling for adults, children, and teens

  • Advocacy

  • Emergency clothing and other donations

  • Forensic Medical Examination accompaniment

  • Duplex project to provide permanent housing for victims of intimate partner violence, with special needs such as mental health or substance abuse

  • Needs assessment and referral assistance

  • Referrals and assistance in obtaining financial, housing, medical, and other resources

  • Human sex trafficking victim services

  • Stalking victim services

  • New Directions Program to women arrested for retaliation and charged with Domestic Violence

  • ​Relevant transportation and childcare (legal, medical, survivor services)

  • Therapy for adult survivors of childhood and adult sexual assaults and child victims of serious physical assault and sexual assault

  • Forensic Interview accompaniment

  • Child Advocacy Center and Child Forensic Interviews

  • Multidisciplinary Team approach to case management for Child Advocacy Center clients

  • Crisis Response Team approach to case management for Domestic Violence clients

  • Sexual Assault Response Team (SART) approach to case management for Sexual Assault clients

  • Systems change in regards to change of policies, rules or laws which determine how services are provided

  • Legal advocacy including assistance in filing a PPO or TRO as well as providing attorney and/or court support

  • Court education and accompaniment

  • Expert testimony

  • Educational workshops, seminars, curriculum development, and awareness activities

  • Community outreach​

  • All of the listed services are available to your child(ren) as well

List of Services
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